Chukka-The Year Round Boot

Chukka boots are CLASSIC. Supposedly they received their name from the game of polo, in which a chukka is a period (hmmm...) The Chukka is also known to have became extremely popular after being worn by the Duke of Windsor in 1924 (interesting...).  The Chukka is identified by the following features: 

  • Lace up ankle boots 
  • Two or three lacing eyelets
  • Traditionally made from calfskin suede leather
  • Rounded toe-box
  • Two parts each made from a single piece of leather
  • Open lacing
  • Thin soles
  • Soles traditionally made of leather 
  • Historically unlined

    Well, McNasty took these traditional features and modified/curated his own Chukka boots. The Chukka will get you through the whole year. These boots can be worn in Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. Go to and see for yourself.

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